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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Beading Stash

For the moment I am not going to list all the charts / patterns that I have but have not brought the beads for or the beads that I have brought just because I liked them but as yet have not found a design to use them for. The following list is of all the fully kitted up beading projects that I currently have.

  1. Beaded Box (10% complete)
  2. Romanov Bauble
  3. Fandango Braclet
  4. Aurora Stars (x3)
  5. Toulouse Chocker Necklace
  6. Georgian Bauble
  7. Turkish Rope Tassel
  8. Persian Tassel
  9. Art Deco Bauble
  10. Starry Night Bauble
  11. Mayur Necklace
  12. Pink Random Herringbone Braclet
  13. Frills Braclet [completed 20-January-2007]
  14. Bellflower Rope
  15. Gorgeous Glass Braclet [completed 11-March-2207]
  16. Sea Anemone Braclet
  17. Amristar Tassel
  18. Pearl Lozenge Necklace
  19. Pink Posy Braclet
  20. Fuchsia Tassel Necklace
  21. Fuchsia Earings
  22. Amethyst Anemone Braclet


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