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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Knitting Stash

The following list is of the fully kitted projects that I have. In addition to the projects listed I have a large pile of patterns, magazines and books plus a couple of crates full of yarn that I have yet to decide what to turn into. Over the next couple of weeks I am going to go through the crates of yarn and decide what I am going to knit with most of the yarn that I have so the list will grow a little.
  1. Black Dune Scarf
  2. Haze shawl
  3. Collinette Jumper
  4. Black & White Jumper
  5. Black sleeveless jumper
  6. Socks 1
  7. Socks 2
  8. Ripple Scarf
  9. Lacy Lattice Stole
  10. 63 square afghan
  11. Rega Scarf
  12. Rega Shawl
  13. New Zealand Scarf 2
  14. Cotton Socks
  15. Todder's Cardigan
  16. Green Fuzzy Scarf with Tassles (Completed 17-Dec-2006)
  17. Adult Jumper
  18. Adult Jumper 2
  19. Pink Fuzzy Scarf (completed Feb-2007)
  20. Adult Cardigan
  21. Ribbed Scarf with Tassels (Completed 30-Nov-2006)
  22. Curly-swirly scarf
  23. Fuzzy multi-coloured scarf (completed 19-Jan-2007)


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